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    Sun Dec 27, 2015 7:46 pm
    Message by Royer Blaze - Area Descriptions
    Outskirts of Greinuma-

    Before you stand several acres of open land, some of which is rather hilly just on the outskirts of Greinuma. Spaced out evenly are different types of houses. Placed in random spots throughout the houses are stone sheets with knee high stumps of wood protruding from the ground by the stone slabs that could double as seats. The fenced off river is to the west going north and south. Across the river is a darkened off riverbank.

    Greinuma Shoreline-

    Past the open fields of Greinuma is the shoreline that stretches out for miles into open sea. The shoreline is dotted with small shells from the sea and the sand meshes between your toes as one walks. The closer to the shoreline the wetter the sand gets. Off to the south a small shrine sits... appearing forgotten but in good shape. As you approach the shrine, it takes on the shape of an odd water creature that you've never seen before. It appears at one time this... thing was worshiped.
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