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Nih Betodaru

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Nih Betodaru

Post by Nih Betodaru on Tue Aug 18, 2015 1:17 pm

Character: Nih Betodaru
Age: 28 withering autumns
Race: Human
Class: Thief

Large green eyes keep watch with the steady focus of a man who holds himself apart from others-- or of an opportunistic predator. Tattooed upon his eyelids are black orbs, giving the appearance of a second set of eyes - always watching. They contrast with the fish pale skin of his features, which are shadowed by twisted burn scars that mark his flesh in pitted swaths, their color deepening to an angry lividity as they draw towards his throat and neck. His mouth is thin-lipped, most often set in a neutral line. When he speaks or smiles, his teeth prove themselves to be polished a brilliant white, and each tooth has been filed into a dangerously sharp point.

His six foot tall form is comprised of a lean gauntness made possible only through an abstemious diet. His lengthy arms culminate in long-fingered hands, each nail sharpened and pointed. When he walks, his body slouches slightly as if to draw less notice and make his movements more economical. When he conducts business, he stands confidently, with his shoulders back and head lifted. Though he is practical enough to have about his person items that give off light, he mercilessly hides them beneath his clothing when he has no immediate use for them.

A Rusted Red suit adorns this man; the attention to detail indicates it is specifically made for him. The jacket of this outfit rests loosely on the shoulders; allowing for it to be easily removed single-handily - when needed. Upon closer inspection of this jacket one might glimpse Nih's emblem, a Demonic Shark head, just above the left breast pocket. Beginning at one end of the collar, and ending at the other, is a line of embroidered ivy; specially placed in the rear-center are crossing duel-masters - Maker's Mark. Obsidian buttons begin at the left clavicle and fall in a single-file line down to the waist. The sleeves of this jacket billow out the further down the arms you go, but end abruptly at the tips of his sharpened fingernails; allowing his arms to hide within the opposite sleeve when crossed. Under the jacket is silk shirt of similar color. The matching suit pants run down long legs, ending without a break in the fabric just above his boots.

A fine fossilized shark tooth, color a deep umber and ridges worn down over time, is strung on a fine black cord that wraps loosely around his neck. Wrapped loosely, yet securely, around his right wrist is a Yellow Silk Bracelet.

Nih Betodaru

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Character sheet
Race: Human
Name: Nih Betodaru
Class: Thief

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